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Fanni Ontario Telegram Objectives and guidelines:

-  To promote and facilitate networking between Fanni graduates as well as other professionals with engineering and technical backgrounds.

-  Announce / inform relevant events in the field of engineering, Technology,   management and social well being of Iranian professionals living in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

-  All posts should be relevant to the engineering / Technology field and promoting bonding and social connections between group members
-  Respect and accept the diversity of beliefs / views of members and avoid disrespectful posts.
-  Keep the postings in general align with the objective of the group
-  No advertisement or business promotion.  Non-profit organization can contact group admin for advertisement opportunities.
-  Language is English and Farsi, not Finglish.
-  Please forward only authentic posts after you checked the content
-  This is an open group, you can invite your family / friends who might be interested

Group admins reserve the right to remove posts not aligned with objectives or honoring the guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation. Any questions / suggestions, please forward to one of admins marked with  star in members list.

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